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Marga Cifuentes - Caliente

We found una estrella verdadera in Marga Cifuentes, an actress and photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She’s on the petite side – 5’4” – with brown hair, brown eyes and a wide-open mind. “Being happy is a decision,” says Marga. “I’m passionate about the arts, theater, literature and good food – I’m very comfortable in my own skin.” Raised in and around Colombia, Marga makes her home in the vibrant capital of Argentina, where she studied dramatic arts at university. “I consider myself an actress first,” she says. “I haven't done a lot of modeling, but Playboy is a legend – they brought in a whole new era of sexual liberation. I don't just want to model - I want to be a Playmate.” When she’s not on stage (or behind the lens of her own camera, for that matter), Marga loves to go out with her friends – she loves salsa dancing and reggaeton, tequila shots with beer chasers and some good-natured billiards with the boys. “I’m single, but I’m definitely not alone,” she says, confident. “I haven’t found the right guy. Deep down, I’m a romantic – I want everything, but not with just anyone!” Don’t worry, Miss Cifuentes – we think you’re one in a million.

Klaudia Badura - Not So Innocent

Say cześć – that's Polish for hello – to Klaudia Badura, a model based in London, England. She’s on the tall side – 5’7” – and all natural, with long brown hair and jade-green eyes. “I’m originally from a small village in Poland,” says Klaudia, in a cute, lilting Polish accent. “I moved to England to become a model. I love it, especially London. I love the people, the places…the only thing I don’t really like is the weather!” Klaudia had been modeling for a few years – an editorial here, a calendar there – when she was offered the chance to pose for Playboy, and naturally, she went for it. “Playboy is the biggest and best of them all,” she says, gushing. “I’m so excited to be a Playboy model. I feel so special to have been chosen.” When she’s not in front of the camera, Klaudia loves to draw and paint, and other than that, you can find her in the club. “My ideal night out would be at a hot new club with good music and good friends,” she says. “I’m a bit of a party girl.” When it comes to guys, though, she plays a little harder to get – she won’t take any guy’s number for an answer. “A guy has to do a lot to impress me,” she admits. “I like guys with dark hair, dark eyes and a good sense of style, and he has to be genuine, friendly and funny. A nice meal at a nice restaurant is a good place to start – with candles, of course.”

Samantha Leon - Morning Thrill

We’re seeing stars with Samantha Leon, a model and cosmetologist from Lubbock, Texas. She’s Mexican-American, and all natural, with dark brown hair, sparkling brown eyes and an open disposition. “I can be reckless,” she says, by way of introduction. “I like to push the limits. It’s caused me some trouble, but it’s the part of me that’s most determined.” Speaking of determination, Samantha had modeled on and off in her late teens, but it wasn’t until recently that she decided she wanted to build a career. “I met a Playboy photographer, Jose Luis,” she says. “He asked if I would be interested in a Playboy casting, and fireworks went off in my heart. Of course I said yes.” With a face and body like Sam’s, it’s not hard to see her potential – and now that she’s a Playboy model, the whole world can see it, too. “Oh boy, I could live in the nude,” she says, blushing. “I mean, I don’t think I’m the best by any means, but I love my body. So when people ask, ‘Why Playboy?’ I say, ‘Why not?’ It’s an honor!” When she’s not in front of the camera, Samantha loves live music, movies and going out with her friends – and when it comes to guys, her tastes are just as eclectic. “I’m into a little bit of everything,” she says. “I want a guy who’s confident, and trusting enough to share his deepest thoughts with me. Details like hair and eye color don’t really matter to me – if I’m going to connect with a guy, we have to have a solid relationship.” That said, Miss Leon would appeal to just about any guy – her top priorities are family, fun, volunteering and good food, and that’s a girl we can get behind. “My fridge is full of buffalo wings, pizza, yogurt, eggs and leftover beer,” she says, laughing. “And my Rocky Road ice cream.” Rocky or not, one thing is for sure – Samantha’s on the road to success, and we're glad to tag along for the ride.

Tawny Swain - Easy Sensuality

We’re all fired up for Tawny Swain, a model and student from small-town Georgia. She’s all natural, with auburn-red hair, clear blue eyes and a delightfully open mind. “I grew up in Alpharetta, just north of Atlanta,” she says. “I’ve always been in show business. I’ve been modeling, acting, singing and dancing since I was a kid, but I’m humble, and I never forgot where I came from.” Tawny is the total package – she’s called Nashville, New York and Los Angeles her home, and even has her own production company – but this is her first time posing for Playboy, and she just couldn’t be happier with the results. “I’m totally comfortable with nudity, but I won’t do it for any guy with a camera,” she says. “If I’m going to pose nude, why not do it for the most prestigious brand in the world?” When she’s not in front of the camera, Tawny is a social animal, and she loves to go out to the clubs with her friends. “The party doesn’t start until we get there,” she says. “And we’re always VIP.” Speaking of which, Tawny won’t take any old pick-up line for an answer – she’s got a strong sense of self, and she expects the men in her life to follow suit. “Sexy comes in all kinds of packages,” she says. “But tall and well-built is a must. Be sweet and caring, but don’t let me walk all over you – open the door for me, and then smack my ass on my way out!” Game, set, match – the point goes to Miss Swain, but the score is definitely in our favor.

Cora Banks - Young And Wild

You’ll fall for fiery redhead Cora Banks. An up-and-coming model from Louisville, Kentucky, she’s petite – five feet, two inches – with auburn-red hair, blue eyes and a sweet-and-sour disposition. “I grew up in Kentucky,” she says. “It’s awesome – hot summers, snowy winters and one of the biggest cities in the country. What more could you want?” With some artistic nudes under her belt, Cora was determined to be a Playboy model – and test shoot proved more than fortuitous. “I had applied before, but I couldn’t afford to go to Los Angeles for the test shoot,” she admits. “When I was invited to shoot with Jose Luis in Dallas, it turned out he was a Playboy photographer. It was fate!” When she’s not in front of the camera, Cora loves to go out with her friends, and true to Bluegrass State form, you’re more likely to find her betting on the horses at Churchill Downs than shopping at the mall. “On a Friday night, we go for dinner, drinks and dancing,” she says. “And then to any greasy spoon that’s open. All I’ve got in the fridge is celery, bacon and Patrón.” When it comes to men, Cora may look sweet and innocent, but she’s fun, frisky and has some serious tricks up her sleeve. “I like my men smart and sultry,” she says. “You’ve got to take your time with me. Work your way up, and I’ll take you to the top – redheads are the best in bed.”

Jessi Marie - Morning Sun

You’re in for it with Jessi Marie, a model and bartender from Houston, Texas. She’s petite – 5’3” – with sunny blonde hair, blue eyes and a rather generous bust. “I’m not quite what you’d expect,” she says. “I can be goofy, so people think I’m a ditsy blonde, but I have a brain, too. I majored in veterinary technology. And you wouldn't know it, but my first language is Spanish! ” Jessi has been modeling for a few years, but this is her first time posing for Playboy, and she couldn’t be more excited. “I’ve done a few trade shows, glamour modeling and a few commercials,” she says. “One of my friends – you know her as Elizabeth Marxs – referred me to Playboy, and now here I am. I’ve always wanted to be a Playboy model – when I’m in front of the camera, I feel like a totally different person!” When she’s not modeling, Jessi spends her nights behind the bar, slinging beers to local patrons – and in her spare time she goes out with her girlfriends, or catches a football game with the guys. “Being from Houston, the Texans are definitely my team,” she says. When it comes to dating, Jessi is sweet and unpretentious, the very definition of the girl next door – that is to say, every guy’s dream girl. “I’m not superficial,” she says. “Looks just aren’t that important – in fact, most of my ex-boyfriends have been a bit chubby. If you have a sense of humor and can hit all of my hot spots in bed, we'll get along.” Is it just us, or is getting a little hot in here? Remind us to thank Elizabeth, 'cause Jessi is a truly welcome addition.

Lindsey Pelas - Body Language

Raise the bar with Lindsey Pelas, a model and bartender from rural Louisiana. She’s petite – 5’3” – with platinum-blonde hair, green eyes and natural 32DDD bust. “I was born in Ruston, raised in Loranger and went to school in Baton Rouge,” she says, with the faintest hint of an accent. “My family is really down-to-earth – I’ve got five sisters and three brothers, and our backyard was a cornfield!” In high school, Lindsey was a go-getter – an honors student, class treasurer and voted Most Ambitious by her peers – and continued that upward trend with a bachelor’s degree in history from Louisiana State. “I started modeling in college,” she says. “I did a calendar and a couple of local commercials. When I heard there was a Playboy casting in Dallas, I knew I wanted to go. I brought a friend and we made a road trip out of it.” The rest, as Lindsey might say, is history. “In my opinion, Playboy models are not only beautiful – they’re fearless and adventurous,” she says. “Playboy is the perfect way for me to show off my body. You’ll never, ever see me streaking on Bourbon street!” When she’s not behind the bar – or in front of the camera, for that matter – Lindsey loves to go out with her friends. “We go tailgating, hit the bars in Tigerland or take a weekend trip to New Orleans,” she says. “Other than that, I love Lana Del Ray, scary movies and my dog. He’s the love of my life!” Speaking of her love life, as a bartender, Lindsey has heard every pick-up line in the book, but she’s got few of her own ideas on dating in the bar scene. “My ‘type’ changes week to week,” she admits. “You can be buff, a skinny bookworm or an older man – it all depends on my mood. But let me tell you, I’ll always fall for a man in a good suit.” Suit yourselves, guys, ‘cause Miss Pelas is not one to be missed.

Leonela Ahumada - Bella Rubia

Leonela Ahumada hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she’s a successful model and actress - and with her blonde hair, blue eyes and gorgeous figure, it’s certainly not hard to see why. Leonela appeared on the cover of Playboy Argentina in December 2013, and when we saw her, we knew that we had to have her on Playboy Plus. “I’m very shy,” she admits. “Except when I pose for photos. That’s what transforms me.” When it comes to men (and women, for that matter), Leonela is a rather passionate lover. “I’m very attentive,” she says. “With me, you’ll want for nothing.”

Ivy Ferguson - Sealed With A Kiss

We just can't get enough of Ivy Ferguson, a model from rural British Columbia, Canada. A platinum blonde with clear green eyes – thanks in part to her Swedish heritage – Ivy got started as a commercial model at seventeen. “My first nude shoot was with a friend of mine,” she says. “I was wearing a short skirt, I lifted it up, and the rest is history!” Browser history, that is – we got wind of Miss Ferguson on Twitter when she posted a couple of risqué photos for Frisky Friday. “Playboy retweeted me, Holly Randall contacted me for a shoot, and that was that,” she says. “It’s been such a dream!” When she’s not in front of the camera, Ivy loves music and theater, and one of her long-term goals is to perform in a Broadway show. “I’ve always been into singing and dancing,” she says. “I grew up doing musical theater, tap and jazz, and I love being on stage.” When it comes to men, Ivy’s tastes are similarly musical. “I like rockers,” she admits. “Long hair, green eyes and tanned skin – that’s my type of guy. And he has to like the same music as I do – that’s important. Take me to a concert and a moonlit stroll on the beach, and I’m yours!"

Lovelyn - Real Temptation

You’ll fall for Lovelyn, a model, bartender and business student from Houston, Texas. Petite at 5’4”, she’s all-natural, African-American and more than ready to take Playboy by storm. “I’m a little blunt,” she says, by way of introduction. “I like to speak my mind. I’ll always do what I want, no matter what others think. That’s just me!” Born and raised in Texas, Lovelyn has always been very well-loved – she was a varsity cheerleader, captain in her senior year, and she spent her afternoons hanging with her girlfriends. “I was either popular or really loud,” she jokes. “You could hear me clear across the school.” When we found Lovelyn at a Houston casting in 2011, we knew she was someone special – and to hear her tell it, she knows she’s someone special, too. “I love my body – absolutely every part of it,” she says. “A lot of women are uncomfortable in the nude, and they really shouldn’t be. Playboy features all different types of women.” When she’s not working, Lovelyn isn’t one to sit still – nights and weekends find her with friends, family and a few not-so-secret admirers. “I can’t live without my mom, my phone and my weave,” she says. “I love R&B, pop and hip-hop. On a typical night out in Houston, my friends and I go to happy hour, and then we go dancing at the hottest club.” When it comes to men, Lovelyn knows what she wants, and she knows how to get it, too. “Book smarts, street smarts and a great personality – that’s my kind of guy,” she says. “And I love a man with a million-dollar smile. That’ll do it – the rest I can work on!”

Christine Carter - Fresh Beauty

Say hello to Christine Carter, a good old girl from New Orleans, Louisiana. All natural, with auburn hair and teal-blue eyes, she’s everything you’d hope to find below the Mason-Dixon line. “I’m definitely a Southern gal,” she says. “I’m the youngest of five children. I was raised in Louisiana, and I love everything about it, from the music to the culture.” An experienced model, Christine’s done it all, from glamour to commercial and promotional modeling, but this is her first time with Playboy, and she simply couldn’t be happier. “Posing nude is great, but there’s a line you don’t want to cross,” she says. “Some photographers want to push it, but not Playboy. I know where they stand, so I feel totally confident.” When she’s not in front of the camera, Christine works as a brand ambassador, and in her free time, she’s into health and fitness. “I’m blessed with a good body, but with all the effort I put into my fitness, it’s a work of art,” she says. “That said, I love Cajun food, from Boudin to crawfish and gumbo.” When it comes to men, Miss Carter plays it close to home – like any good Southern girl, she’s got a good side and a bad side. “If things are going good and you’re not bein’ an idiot, I’d say you’ve got a good chance at a goodnight kiss,” she says. “But guys, don’t ask – just go for it!”

Lexi Marlow - Dangerous Curves

We’re sweet on Lexi Marlow, a model and sales rep from Midland, Texas. She’s tall – 5’8 – with warm blonde hair, brown eyes and a heaping helping of Southern charm. “I grew up in west Texas,” she says. “Right in the middle of the oilfields. It’s flat, with no trees, grass or rain. There’s not much to do there, but it’s a nice place to raise a family.” True to her roots, Lexi is a bit of a homebody – she’s a big fan of country music, and when she’s not working, she’s hanging at her friends’ houses, playing board games and betting on sports. “We’re pretty low-key,” she says. Lexi had been modeling for a year before she auditioned for Playboy, and to see her photos, you’d never guess she was a first-timer. “A friend told me that I should submit my portfolio to Playboy,” she says. “I was like, ‘Sign me up!’ And now here I am!” As a Playboy model, Miss Marlow is a confident sort – and when it comes to men, she’s just as sure of herself. “I like brown hair, blue eyes and a lot of personality,” she says. “The taller the better – I’m talking six feet and up. He should be smart and funny, too – someone who takes life by the horns.” We don’t know about the horns, but looking at this sexy Texan, we can think of a few choice cuts, no bull – so help yourselves to a little Lexi Marlow, only on Playboyon.
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